Environment Setup

Before the application can be started, there are some preparations necessary. Beside cloning the repository, installing the required packages and configuring third party tools (like pgbouncer or apache2), there are the following additional points:

  • adjusting the Configuration

  • creating the PostgreSQL database

  • creating the file storage

  • creating the log directory

To do this in a convenient way, there is the cdedb.cli module. It consumes most necessary information from the Config (and the given overrides) and performs the setup process via several python functions.

Additionally, it provides a command line interface, so the functions can be used during scripting or setup via terminal. All available targets are shown after executing:

python3 -m cdedb

Make sure to add the cdedb module to the python path before.

A step-by-step guide through the setup is provided at Development_Environment_Manual. For using one of the prebuilt environments, take a look at Setup the VM and Setup a Docker container, respectively.