Welcome to CdEDB’s documentation!

This documentation is written to fulfill two different goals:

  • Give an overview over the design of the CdEDB (mostly interesting for developers and other geeks).

  • Provide help to use the CdEDB (mostly interesting for normal users).

For the latter, everything should be findable in the Handbuch. The remaining parts of the documentation address the former group. A small overview where you can find help to which topic:

  • Development: everything you need to participate actively in the CdEDB-Team.

  • General Design: the overall concepts behind the CdEDB, including the different applications levels, input validation and our role model.

  • Realms: more specific implementation details, split into the major semantic units (realms).

  • API: a description of the currently existing interfaces to programmatically access the CdEDB.

  • Handbuch: help for specific pages, workflows etc, divided by CdE-groups which will be using this application.

  • Archive: everything which is not important anymore, but kept for historical reasons or simply nostalgic ones.


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