Genesis Requests

In addition to the admin-initiated workflows for user creation (including batch admission of cde users), unprivileged users (most prominently, anonymous ones) can initiate account creation for the realms ml, event and assembly.

Basic Workflow

On core/genesis/request, each user can provide the data which will be required to create a persona in a respective realms. Additionally, helpful auxiliary information is provided, like a reason or an attachment confirming you are eligible for cde membership. After submitting the form, the case is unconfirmed and an email is sent to the user to confirm their email address. Afterwards, the case is set to_review.

Any such case appears on core/genesis/list and can be modified by the relative admins of the respective realms, to fix mistakes (potentially after communication with the user) etc. For cde accounts, a past event and past course can be provided here – usually the one that made the account eligible for admission.


what happens when a request is finalized? Doppelgangers? approved, successful, existing_updated, rejected

Realm Transitions

While persona realm transitions are quite restricted, genesis requests can transition freely between the allowed realms. In this process, no data is removed even if it is not applicable for the currently selected realms. Therefore, it is persistent under idempotent realm transformations like cde -> ml -> cde.

However, data which is not applicable to the selected realm are hidden in the frontend: These are only seen at the genesis modification form (and hidden there with javascript).

Instead, it is ignored during the actual account creation.