This page aggregates the thoughts about design specifications. This is mostly a concentrate of emails sent by users. This is somewhat competing with the design sections in the introduction, but those focus on the developer perspective of things. All points should provide a source, so we can ask questions in case of confusion.

Core realm

  • Explicit log out.

  • Try to be smart about the equality of @googlemail.com and @gmail.com. Note: This is probably infeasible.

  • Allow single-sign-on. This probably means putting the account information (currently residing in the SQL-table core.personas) into an LDAP.

CdE realm

  • Implement quota statistics, to monitor accesses.

  • Keep a trail of all changes to the member database and require approval for sensitive changes (that is to names and birth dates).

  • Implement a choice to allow BuB to view one’s data.

  • Implement trial membership. This is granted to everybody who participated in an official academy for the first time and lasts for one semester.

  • Make addresses of Vorstand in templates configurable via web interface.

ML realm

  • Integrate special cases in a sane manner. That is CdE-all and Aktivenforum.

Assembly realm

  • Implement Condorcet voting.

Event realm

  • Allow flexible queries with powerful sorting on participants. Example: List all participants who chose a specific course sorted by first/second/third choice. Note: This may need reformulation to be feasible.

  • Make email generation configurable. Example: Does the registration of a new participant for an event cause an email to the orgas?

  • Implement split events.

  • Store information for which course a participant is instructor (not only, that the participant is a course instructor).

  • Implement academy configuration in a sane manner. The legacy implementation is quite a mess with multiple configuration files for the same thing. Best case would be an online configurable variant (note: this is hard).

  • Allow query for participants coming from the same academy as a given participant. This is relevant for distribution of participants into rooms.

  • Archive academies after some time. Keep course descriptions and general information available, but delete superflous remainder.

  • Implement polling the course instructors for account information. This should allow easy interaction with the scripts of the accountant.

  • Allow sorting of lists by different criteria (given name, family name, etc.). Provide filters for minors (e.g. for name tag creation).

General thoughts

  • If there are numerical identifiers to be processed by a human, provide something more meaninful if sensible. Example: In the event organization, instead of only listing course numbers, provide short titles of the courses.

  • No session information in the URL, thus making it possible to share links.

  • User visible documentation where necessary. Antiexample: In the legacy event organization, you can select operators (=, >=, IS, …) for queries which are not intuitive and not documented.

  • Make layout/CSS similar to homepage.

  • Have finer grained privileges.

  • Some datamining would be cool. Examples may be questions like: age distribution/occupation of academy participants; time/academy distribution until leaving the CdE.

  • Allow archiving of accounts for the purpose of data economy. Retain only names, date of birth, email address, visited events and delete all other fields.


This section is from direct correspondence with the Verwaltung.

  • Searches involving diacritics are somewhat spurious in v1.

  • Country values should be a drop down selection in the frontend.

  • There exist incomplete datasets (like missing birthday), we have to handle them somehow.

  • Pages with questionable/unknow use in v1:

    • Fehlerhafte Daten

    • Zugriffsstatistik

    • Login-Fehler – might be to help answering “I couldn’t log in emails”, but unfit for that purpose.

    • Statistik – the Vorstand regularly asks for statistics on new members, which are not available here.

  • Page ‘Aktivitätsübersicht’ of v1 can be used to access most of the day-to-day relevant functionality.

  • History (i.e. the changelog) should be migrated, as it is deemed useful.

  • The notes entry of a member dataset should contain roughly one line per change made to the dataset. This way the history is easily understandable.

  • Implementation of trial membership with an extra bit not controversial.

  • For mailinglists the responsibilities have to be decided; only one group shold be responsible for maintaining them.

  • Confirming member dataset changes should offer the possibility/link to go to the next unconfirmed change.

  • The exPuls usually has two issues per year. One in early autumn after the DSA academies are finished and new members have entered. The second at the beginning of the year for opening of Pfingst-/Sommerakademie registration.

  • The page ‘Downloads’ in v1 is superseeded by the search functionality in v2.

  • The form for adding a single member is very seldomly used, because it misses the three checkboxes for sending a welcoming email etc.

  • The mask for adding multiple members is pretty sophisticated. TODO add more specifics after admission phase 2015.

  • Bouncing emails currently land at verwaltung@cde-ev.de – it’s somewhat questionable whether this is the corret place. (And there seem to be a lot of them.)

  • The page ‘Veranstaltungsdownloads’ in v1 is currently used solely for the MultiAka. It can be replaced by the possibility to query for multiple events at once in the search.

  • Adding past events needs some kind of batch interface.


TODO discuss assembly realm


TODO discuss finance stuff

Notes from DB-KüA on PA15

  • automatically mail Vorstand/Akademieteam a copy of minor forms

  • mailinglist component was intended to simplify lists local groups

    • allow to automatically unsubscribe no-longer-members

    • vague idea: detect new potential subscribers by city

    • meta-list recieving all mail going to local lists

  • telephone and address syntax is a hard problem (currently done by hand; maybe not feasibl to automatize)

  • wish-list: allow multiple email addresses and postal addresses

  • profile pictures should be verified by Verwaltung