Initiative 25+

Initiative 25+ – What’s that?

If you give the authorization, the CdE will withdraw €25.00 or more annually via Direct Debit.

These €25.00 will be used to pay the annual membership fee currently in force, currently €8.00. The remainder is a donation to the CdE. The CdE will make sure that about 40 to 50 percent of this is given to Deutsche SchülerAkademie or otherwise used to support the “Idee SchülerAkademie”.

For what does the CdE need donations?

The Pfingst-, Sommer, Winter- and Multinationale Akademie are subsidised with donations. This way the participation fees can be lowered which benefits all participants. Since 2013 we also subsidise some smaller events, such as the CdE-Seminar, the FamilienAkademie and the Studieninformationswochenende.

Supporting the SchülerAkademie

The Initiative 25+ implements a decision of the General Assembly 2008 to support the “Idee SchülerAkademie“ financially. To this end, the CdE may give a portion of the donations received this way to Bildung & Begabung gem. GmbH or use them to support SchülerAkademien in some other way.

Authorization Form

For legal reasons, we need the Direct Debit Authorization Form in written form. Please fill this form and send it to us by mail (not E-Mail).